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Home Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt.jpgIt’s time for the Home Scavenger Hunt! From now until Sunday, we will post one photo each day of an artifact from our collection at 1:30 p.m on Facebook. Your job will be to find the modern version of the artifact in your home. If you don’t have the modern version, you can find something that you would use with the artifact. Post your pictures in the comments under each photo. Good luck!

Artifact #1​ - Tuesday April 14. Listen up, everyone - can you find the modern version in your home? Post your photos in the comments!

Artifact #2 - Wednesday April 15. Time to chill out! Here's today's mystery object for the home scavenger hunt. Show us your modern versions!

Artifact #3​ -Thursday April 16. Ready for some good clean fun? Here is today's Home Scavenger Hunt mystery object. What's your modern equivalent? #MuseumFromHome

Artifact #4​ - Friday April 17.  While some may not have a modern version, show us something that's connected.

Artifact #5​ - Saturday April 18. Today's Home Scavenger Hunt item is a mystery object we hope we can put away soon. What do you use today as a modern version?

Artifact #6​ - Sunday April 19. Time to perk up! Our final Home Scavenger Hunt mystery object is perfect for a Sunday afternoon. We can't wait to see your modern versions, or other accessories you use that are connected to this object. Thanks for playing!