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Letters to Seniors

1Artboard 1-100.jpgPen Pal Program

Until the arrival of the telegraph in the 1840s, letters were the only way for people to communicate over long distances. At that time, ink and paper were very expensive, so letter-writers were careful to use every inch of space on the paper, even turning the page on its side and writing new lines of text at right angles across the old lines.

At a time when it was rare to visit friends or relatives living more than a few miles away from your home, letters were the best way to let loved ones know you were thinking about them, and letters made a valuable memento to be kept and reread many times over. Historical letters are also one of the best records of how regular people lived and what they thought about.

Today, letters are still a wonderful way to connect with people to share information and send best wishes. The County of Simcoe's Long Term Care and Seniors Services launched Letters to Seniors, a Pen Pal Program, and we want everyone to participate! This is a great opportunity to share memories and create new friendships. It's also a great time to use old ways to stay connected to new and long time friends!

If you want to participate, write a letter to a resident and introduce yourself. Tell a joke, or share an interesting story. Send your letter, addressed to Pen Pal Program, to one of the addresses listed in the link below. Or, drop it in our mailbox outside of the Museum and we will send it for you! Happy letter writing!

https://www.simcoe.ca/CorporateCommunications/Pages/letters-to-seniors.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0z0n5AwsosKFhOFnKC4HlGIha6qJ2_8qH0jpCPgT8C1DKjGOzzEgIy95s. ​

Try your hand at cursive​ writing.​