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Little RAY of Sunshine

​​Welcome Little RAY of Sunshine! cartoon character, body of a person waving one hand, with the head of sunshine and one winking eye

Simcoe County Museum typically offers a range of travelling, community, and temporary exhibits in our Simcoe Gallery. This year, many great exhibits planned for 2021 have been postponed or cancelled because the Museum is closed. Since we can't have visitors in the Simcoe Gallery, we have decided to try and turn all of Simcoe County into a giant exhibit space and we want YOU to be the Curators! A new community exhibit, called Little Ray of Sunshine, invites you to spread light and joy by sharing Little Ray of Sunshine in every town, village, and corner of Simcoe County!

About Little Ray of Sunshine

Little Ray of Sunshine landed at the Simcoe County Museum in May 2021. Little Ray enjoyed visiting the galleries for a while but became lonely and wanted to see more people. Little Ray wants to travel all through the County visiting businesses, libraries, homes, and anywhere else there should be a Little Ray of Sunshine to brighten our days!

Check out Little Ray of Sunshine - Summer Tour 2021 Photos

How you can help

  • Print and display Little Ray in your window, or other visible spot, to bring a smile to your neighbourhood.  
  • If you have a business or public building, contact the Museum to get your own Little Ray cut out or window cling to put in your window for everyone to see.
  • Share with your friends and family to send Little Rays all over Simcoe County. Let's see how many Little Rays of Sunshine we can spread from Severn to Stayner, Midland to Bond Head, and everywhere across the County.

For more Little Ray Fun

  • See how many different versions of Little Ray you can make – paper, chalk, painted on a rock, cloth, balloon? What's the most unique version of Little Ray you can create? Share those with us online, and make sure to proudly display Little Ray for everyone to see.
  • Take selfies of you and Little Ray doing fun activities – jumping on the trampoline, working in the garden, on a bike ride; whatever fun activity you like to do. Share your pictures with us on social media using the hashtags #LittleRay and #WhereIsLittleRayToday for a chance to win your own Little Ray of Sunshine Summer Tour T-shirt!

Little Ray activities

Activity Booklet  

Activity Booklet Answer Sheets

Individual Activity Sheets:

Make your own Little Ray Connect the DotsWord SearchEye Spy
Colouring Sheet Who is the ORIGINAL Ray?Word JumbleMaze

Little Ray - Postcard (Colouring)

Little Ray - Image

Little Ray - GIF