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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Virtual Programs​ - perfect for remote learning as well as in person learning!

​Book a virtual class trip with Simcoe County Museum. You can book as many classes as you would like in one time slot, just let us know how many students will be attending! We can easily accommodate remote learners as well as in person learning - or a combination of both.  These programs can be booked at no charge while students are learning from home.​ ​In order to accommodate as many classes as possible, we ask that you book only one program for your students at this time. 

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FAQ for our Virtual Education Programs.​

​​​Virtual Early Settler Workshop

Duration: 1 hour
​Price: Free
Grade: 2-4

This virtual program will allow students to experience early settler life without leaving their classroom. Interact with costumed interpreters, tour historic buildings, and engage in group discussion to learn about some of the differences between early settler and modern life. 

Virtual Wendat Experience

Duration: 1 hour
​Price: Free
Grade: 2-8

This virtual program will allow students to learn about the Wendat, known as the Huron by European explorers. Take a virtual tour of our reproduction longhouse, examine centuries-old artifacts, and experience traditional Wendat stories to learn about the Indigenous people who lived here in Simcoe County over 400 years ago. 

Simcoe County and WWI: Virtual Series

Duration: 1 hour
​Price: Free
Grade: 10

Bring to life the trials and tribulations of the Great War through this virtual, interactive lecture series. Students will interact with costumed Interpreters and use archival images and case studies to learn the many ways World War I impacted people living right here in Simcoe County. Students will learn about everything from recruitment and training to the front lines to the medical system to the Home Front.

Virtual Power of CommunicationPOC 2021Artboard 1.png

Duration: 1 hour
​Price: Free
Grade: 4-8

​How have communication technologies changed society since the days of oral stories? Find out with our virtual program that takes your class on a journey tracing the steps from pictographs, to Morse code, to the modern day telephone. Take a closer look at the role that communication played in the shift from an agrarian society to an increasingly urban culture.​

Confederation 2021Artboard 1.png

Virtual Confederation

Duration: 1 hour
​Price: Free​
Grade: 7-8​

Examine the issues facing different provinces in the Confederation debate of the 1860s. Students will have the opportunity to role-play as key political figures of the period and explore the motivations for, and obstacles to, Confederation. Participation in a simulated Quebec Conference will allow students to determine the future of British North America.