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Skate Trail


Skate Trail is now closed for the Season.

​​Thank you for your support over this variable winter season.  The ongoing sunny and forecasted rain means that the trail has to close for the season.  Welcome Spring!

Museum Skate Trail Common Questions

Rules and Tips for Safe Use of the Skate Trail


● It is recommended that all skaters wear CSA approved helmets.
● Skaters must obey staff at all times.
● The following is NOT permitted on the ice:
  ​          ● Hockey pucks and sticks
            ● Dogs
            ● Toboggans or sleds (anything pulled behind a skater)
            ● Food or drink
           ● Smoking

● No one is permitted on the ice without skates.
● Skate aids are permitted, if required. 
● Carrying children in arms while skating is not permitted.
● Sturdy strollers, sledges and wheelchairs are permitted on the ice skating trail. 
Please check wheels for sand or grit before moving onto the ice surface.
● All skaters must travel clockwise on the trail, following the trail signs.
Inappropriate behaviour is not permitted: No games such as tag, crack the whip, or racing, no pushing, tripping, checking, and no profanity. 
No headsets, cellphones or handheld devices are to be used while skating.
Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.​