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Simcoe County WW1 Heritage Minutes

The Dumbells

A troupe of entertainers drawn directly from the trenches led by Simcoe County’s Captain Merton Plunkett.​

Ernest Swalm

Ernest Swalm was a conscientious objector who was imprisoned for his beliefs during the First World War.

Field Comforts

Simcoe County’s home front sent World War One troops everything from jams and honey to warm socks and shirts.

First Nations

Generations of First Nation’s warriors have taken up the cause to fight for Canada time after time. The First World War was no exception.

Frederick Banting

Known as one of Canada’s greatest Canadians because of his discovery and work with insulin in the treatment of diabetes. His war record as a young man tells the tale of battlefront bravery and determination under fire.

Mae Belle Sampson

Mae Belle Sampson was among the first contingent of Canadian nurses to go overseas to support the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Roy Henley

Roy Henley was 13 years of age when he first enrolled in the Royal Canadian Dragoons in 1915.

Simcoe Foresters

The men and boys of Simcoe County were swift to answer the call when war broke out in 1914.

Soldiers of Soil

Thanks to the efforts of farming communities like those of Simcoe County, Canada was the main supplier of food to all Allied Forces throughout the war.

Black History Month Virtual Lecture Series 

In honour of Black History Month, throughout the month of February the Simcoe County Museum will be hosting a virtual lecture series featuring notable Black Canadian historians and scholars from across the region and the country. Each lecture will explore a different aspect of the long history and current experience of Black people in Simcoe County and beyond. Each talk will run up to 45 minutes, followed by a question and answer session. The series is free to join and both individuals and groups can attend.